Chemistry fans, rejoice!

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We just sent out this very exciting update to the backers of the Compounded: Geiger Kickstarter, and we wanted to let everyone else know, as well. We have the reprint of Compounded and its brand new Geiger expansion in our warehouse, and we’re starting to send it out to Kickstarter backers!

So what does this mean for you? It means that you’ll be able to get your own copy as soon as the backer ship-out finishes up. This has been a highly-anticipated game, so we want to make that as easy as possible. We’ll have it on our web store, at Gen Con, and hopefully in distribution to your various game stores so you can choose the most convenient option.

If you still haven’t played Compounded, come find us at Gen Con (Booth 2143) and check it out!


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Chemical chaos is noted here but what of the methamphetemine promo? Will that become available through some means?

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That will be a promo, handled similarly to the way we handle Sentinels of the Multiverse promos. Conventions, promotions, etc., but not on our website for sale.

I have pre-ordered Compounded and both expansions. Any idea when they will be shipped?


Still a bit of fear that one of the expansions (Chemical Chaos) might not be reprinted and my order won't be shipped because of that. I really want this game :)

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Preorders for Compounded and Geiger and Chemical Chaos will be sent out once the Kickstarter backers get theirs. Chemical Chaos was reprinted as well, and it'll be going out at the same time.