Battle for Broken City Status

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I want to update everyone on the status of Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City. I mentioned on the forum that it has been delayed in production longer than expected, which is why we decided to “unbundle” preorders for Tactics Wave 2 from the other items that we now have in stock, such as Villains of the Multiverse. All pre-ordered copies of Villains of the Multiverse have now gone out to people who pre-ordered.
Battle for Broken City and For Profit have been delayed because we have realized that they need some reworking due to the response to the first wave of Sentinel Tactics (Flame of Freedom and Uprising). While a number of people love the game and it has been very successful with some groups, many people did not respond to it as well as we hoped. After conversations with customers and retailers, we have identified several issues ranging from the box art to the way in which scenarios and gameplay are presented and balanced. To that end, we have a number of changes we are working on that we think will dramatically improve the game for everyone. However, these changes take time, and thus the game will be delayed a number of months more. We still believe in this game and are excited to release it. This delay will allow us to make Battle for Broken City and For Profit the best games they can be while also maintaining our commitments to our other backers and product lines. Our current estimate for the release of Battle for Broken City is early 2017. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to email me at
Thank you for sticking with us. We have many great games to share with you, and we are constantly reanalyzing how we make those games possible. We are still a small company in a big industry, but we can't wait to show you what our next plans involve. 


Running a small company is hard and there will be days like these that really aren't what you hoped for when you started out. Remember that 99% of startup companies don't get as far as you have. Keep pushing. Being successful is a journey and even though we moan and groan on the forum we all still believe in what you are doing.

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Thanks for sharing this, Paul. Greatly appreciate the update. The explanation is very much appreciated, and I'm glad to hear your taking the feedback to heart.

GtG has done some wonderful things, and it just keeps getting better!

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Thank you for caring about your games and the people that play them. Too many companies would rush a game to the market because it makes sense financially and wouldn't take a step back and fix any problems they find. The fact that you're doing this shows how much you put into your games. I said this in the last post but I would rather wait for a great game than have a good game today. I've got plenty of great games from your company to keep me busy while I wait.

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This is why >G is the best. You guys go out of your way to not only hold an imperfect product but to communicate with your customer base and really illustrate what is going on. I just had a discussion with a friend of mine and we agree this is a great decision. His concern, and I'm interested to see where other community members fall on it, is that if >G is going to take the year to perfect the product, they shouldn't release any more sentinel content while they work on it (including any more expansions for the card game, another preorder for tactics wave 3, or even the RPG). He claims that consumers will be less likely to back a Kickstarter or Preorder product if there is outstanding content from the company. I'm not sure I agree but I honestly don't know how to think. Thoughts anyone?

GTG has multiple game designers that they partner with. They are going to release games from designers that don't work on Tactics. In addition, there are other projects that are further along in the development cycle (like spirit island) that they are likely to release. Releasing those games really shouldn't have an effect on Broken City.  In addition, I think if they release a mini expansion or promo cards for the card game that will not have a major impact. They might even launch the roleplaying game depending on what kind of work is left on it. If it is mainly art, layout and that sort of thing then they will keep pushing it forward. If it is major development and play testing Then it is a different situation and I would hope that they devote their efforts to Broken City. If they release the final expansion for the card game before broken city I would say you would have a gripe. However, I have to admit that I REALLY want that final expansion...

Don't agree with you fully. Yes I agree that they are working on tactics but they have to come out with new products to stay in business. More than likely they have about 3-4 things in devoplment at all times, especially with the dice hate me merger, you can think of them having two different teams with different products going. Therefore with this in mind besides the rpg which sounds like that has been in play testing, I don't think another full sentinels expansion is the best move, especially since the last expansion is suppose to have a different format. A mini expansion I don't have a problem with.


if it is not part of the sentinels line I am all game because most likely it will be different parties working on it.

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You gotta also remember that GtG is now a Publisher. That is to say, for a lot of things 'in development' Christopher isn't actually doing any development on them. It is important to remember the distinction between Developer and Publisher, and that while GtG does both, some of their products they are just the conduit for getting the things to the printer and into distribution, and have little to do with the actual development.


At least, not being inside their company, that is what I understand when someone says 'We Publish this game!' versus 'We Developed this game!' 

So will this effect flame of freedom and uprising at all? Based off your wording it sounds like there are some changes you may make to it as well. If so, can I recommend since I already have all the pieces maybe a upgrade pack?


also thanks for letting us know and looking forward to it.

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I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I do feel that Sentinel Tactics was an underwhelming game that I probably wouldn't care about if it didn't use the Sentinel Comics characters that I already enjoy, and am excited for a complete rework of the game. On the other hand, a year of extra wait? Ugh...

My main complaints lie with the rule book, which seems to jump around a lot with no real focus, and the fact that the skirmishes just feel... Sloppy. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer that a character be harder to kill and stay down when they're incapped, rather than an incap basically just being a victory point. The whole "stand back up with full HP on your next turn" thing doesn't sit well with me- and the location maps don't seem very well suited for skirmish play (which is sad, since that seems to be the only thing they can be used for at the moment).

I suppose in the end, it'll probably be worth it, but still bummed out about the extra waiting.

Although... The boxart? Really? That's one of the major complaints people had? I mean, sure, it's not like it's some artistic masterpiece, but... I just find it hard to imagine someone saying "Yeah, it could have been a great game if only the boxart was better..."

I was definitely one of the people kvetching on Reddit about Sentinels Tactics and, while I'm sure some people won't like the wait, my interest went from absolute zero(heh) to nine. It's really reassuring to know you guys actually listen to us mouth-breathers! I love the basic mechanics of Tactics, but my [completely unsolicited] opinion is that Sentinels is at it's best when it's fully cooperative. SotM is such a good game because you concentrate on doing the coolest things with your character and not trying to out-do your opponents. Buffing single villain characters for scenarios makes the game too complicated, and the rules for skirmishes just aren't developed enough in the given rulebook. Release some randomized/autonomous villains and the game will be GOLDEN.
I'm really looking forward for what you guys come up with!

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I would love it if this game had the option of being fully co-op instead of only 1 vs. many.  Often, this is the main reason my gaming group has passed on playing this game and on weekends why my son and I don't play it as much.  While I enjoy playing the villain so others can play the game, I would like to play the heroes now and then.  Personally, I'm not interested in the skirmish side of things, but I do respect that aspect of it.  To me Galaxy Defenders does a great job of handling the AI so players can enjoy these games as full CO-OP.  

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the Sentinals universe.