Announcing the Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG!

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Greetings, Sentinels fans!

As many of you have noticed, we're running some Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG events at Gen Con this year. But what does that mean? Well, I'm here to share the details and bring you all up to speed.

Greater Than Games will be publishing an official Sentinel Comics Role-Playing Game in 2016! The game is being designed by the fantastic folks at Critical-Hits Studios and will also feature writing from me and art from Adam Rebottaro!

Here's what Critical-Hits has to say about it:

Cam Banks, Dave Chalker, and Philippe-Antoine Ménard of Critical-Hits Studios draw on their collective experiences chatting about, playing, running, and designing tabletop games. With Greater Than Games, they formed an instant rapport with the Sentinel Comics universe and its approach to storylines and memorable characters. Their focus in designing the Sentinel Comics RPG is to deliver the excitement and action of comic books with easy to learn rules and story-rich character designs, taking a new look at an incredibly popular gaming property.

The Sentinel Comics RPG uses a brand new system that was specifically created for the characters and setting of the Sentinel Comics Multiverse. It uses pools of varying sizes of dice combined with specific traits and abilities to make each character come alive at the table! The game provides fantastic storytelling opportunities as well as fast-paced action, providing players with a distinct "comic book" feel. Players can play as iconic characters from Sentinel Comics, or build their own characters to join forces and save the Multiverse!

At Gen Con this year, Dave, Philippe, and Cam will be running demos of the RPG, so come by and check it out! Then, keep an eye out in early 2016 for the Kickstarter campaign that will launch the game and also provide even more information!

And remember to keep on saving the Multiverse!


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Very excited

Very COOL!

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Sounds awesome.   

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Awesome! Cant wait ^_^

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Firstly, Sentinels of the Multiverse is my favorite game (as the decor in my dining room demonstrates), but I also play D&D. I'll admit, my single issue (and thusly my biggest issue) with the Sentinels card game sometimes is the "reason to play".  I constantly wish that there were complete "scenario books" that encourage me and my friends to go through, playing with designed environment/villain/party combinations and certain wrinkles - something that makes me want to complete the booklet or some campaign (and more than just the challenge/acheivement pdfs circulating today). I'll also admit the leveling/looting in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is one of its biggest strengths.  But, my loyalty is to Sentinels Comics and its universe, so I'm excited to see this format come together.  Also really happy about the new formats being provided as well so the mechanics stand on their own and are "comic book appropriate".

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Must we wait until 2016?

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Interesting! Another RPG to learn and love, especially one in a univere I already adore :D

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I've been playing a "Sentinels RPG" of my own devising for a few months now, a cobbling of Fate Accelerated and Venture City Stories.

I'm really curious how the actual product handles the system. 

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I think I pee'd a little!!!

I didn't see any events in the GenCon catalog other than Sentinel Tactics. Are the RPG events capable of being signed-up for?

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Last I saw, the RPG events were full. It may still be worth showing up with generics, just in case, though.