Announcing Multiverse Month!

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As many of you may know, and many probably do not, Greater Than Games was founded in January of 2011. That makes January a very exciting month for us here. To celebrate this year, we've decided to go global! Beginning on the second weekend in January, we are encouraging stores all over the world to celebrate by inviting people to play our games. The weekend of the 10th and 11th, people will be gathering to play Sentinels of the Multiverse. The following weekend, the 17th and 18th, is for Galactic Strike Force. And then the weekend of the 24th and 25th, coinciding with the weekend of PAX South and its accompanying tournament, it will be time to play Sentinel Tactics. There are no special rules here; just play the games and have fun!

We plan on supporting these events with promo cards, as well. There will be a few Dark Watch promos for Sentinels of the Multiverse, Automata and Broodax promos for Galactic Strike Force, and the Power Card Promo Pack for Sentinel Tactics provided to participating stores to be given to players during their respective weekends, as well as a printable flyer for advertising.

Stores that are interested in participating should send an email to From there we can provide promo cards and the flyer. And, of course, we would love to see some photos! If you're a fan, talk to your friendly local game store and have them send us an email. We're very excited about this event, and we hope you are, too.


I'm not an FLGS owner, but plan to run a day-long Sentinels of the Multiverse event during a convention on the last full weekend in January in Ireland. Would it be possible for me to get some of the supporting materials?

I'm in the UK and nearest FLGS is about an hour away.  I run a gaming community - - where we play a lot of board and card games including (obviously) Sentinels of the Multiverse and Sentinel Tactics.

Any chance of the promos reaching these shores? may be able to help your company out connecting with stores and cons.

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Although we wont be able to hand out promos I think the G+ group can probably arrange something for those days too!

Ooh! Please consider Blue Highway Games in Seattle! Unfortunately I am not affiliated, just a frequent customer of theirs.

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I'm surprised there isn't a forum post for these events yet!

My friends and I are setting up events for Multiverse Month with our FLGS "Games and Stuff" in Maryland. I think we have SotM (many many copies) and GSF (1 copy) covered, but don't have any tactics copies yet, maybe this is an excuse!

Any other local Maryland >G fans, we will have more details forthcoming but probably will focus on Sundays for the "organized" events.

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There's no forum post yet as I've been home visiting family for the holidays, and thereby out of the office. I'll likely get something up on Monday. My goal is to make a map so people can see what's near them.

If you haven't received any response from stores in the Houston area I would be willing to host one at Ettin Games on Saturday or Sunday, January 10th or 11th whenever they have available space.