An Environment and a Villain Mini-Expansion

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We have shown you the pile of promo cards you get for preordering Villains of the Multiverse. Now, it’s time to talk about the two mini-expansions!


In the far-reaches of space, there drifts a colossal unmanned manufactory, shaped like a sword.

None know the true origins of the vessel, but it is posited that some ancient alien race built the factory and its rules to act as judge and jury for their home planet. The ship has an impartial A.I. that judges the actions of sentient life-forms it encounters. Then, if it senses any impropriety, it dispenses its executioners.

Automatons are constructed to severely punish those who the ship deems reprehensible. However, the A.I. is inordinately harsh in its rulings. So much, in fact, that many think this spelled the fate of the original creators of the A.I.

The Celestial Tribunal has acted thusly for millennia. If it finds its way into your galaxy, or if you find yourself in the range of its scanners, be prepared for a harsh sentence.


When she was an infant, Evelyn Moore’s parents turned to the U.S. government for help. Their daughter couldn’t talk yet, but she “spoke” to machines. More alarmingly, when she did, they fell into their components, which created a metallic cocoon for the child. None of this was covered by the parenting classes the Moore family had attended. A representative of a group called the Ironclad Project offered to take care of Evelyn, but only if her parents were willing to sign her over to the care of the project. Seeing no other option, they agreed, and Evelyn became the ward of the Ironclad Project.

Years went by, and Evelyn grew, learning to control her powers. She was told that she was being trained to be a part of the army. A new army that fought with better power instead of hundreds of soldiers. However, her lack of control and her hot-headedness meant that the Ironclad Project had little use for her. She had learned to absorb tech to plate herself in steel and coat her skin in wires, talking to the tech as easily as she talked to herself, but it wasn’t enough. Even though she desperately wanted to prove her worth, those monitoring her kept wanting more than she could give.

Then, one day, she absorbed a tank.

There had been talk of military training going on in the adjacent facility, and Evelyn wanted to know more. Sneaking past her monitors, she found herself next to a massive M1 Abrams tank. It spoke to her of cold steel and internal combustion. It sounded beautiful to her. So she let it fall into its pieces, and she wore its skin.

All hell broke loose in the army base. A tank had just fallen apart, and a person-shaped pile of plate-steel walked out of the wreckage. Soldiers opened fire on the figure, who ran through a wall, disappearing into the nearby hills.

Since then, Choke has been a regular opponent of the Freedom Five and their allies. She is frequently at the heart of troubles concerning military installations or stockpiles of weapons. It was hardly surprising that she ended up allying with the Vengeful Five when Baron Blade called. But when she was fatally wounded by K.N.Y.F.E., many believed that would be the end of Choke.

However, Choke had heard a peculiar voice - unlike any she had heard before. The Freedom Five had recently prevented Deadline from destroying the earth, and the alien’s odd device was still housed in their headquarters. And she could hear its voice. It could save her, and she could give it purpose once again.

Evelyn drew the resonating crystal at the heart of the device into herself, sealing her wound, but also opening her mind to the powers of the alien tech. It could sense weak points. She was originally trained to save the world, and now she knew how. She would show those at Project Ironclad that she was worthwhile after all. Using her new knowledge, she would erase all the weak points from the world. All she needed was a bit more power…

With the necessary elements right at hand, Chokepoint was born. Taking power from the tech of the heroes around her, Evelyn is on a self-appointed quest to destroy the weak points of the world, and beyond. 

Chokepoint’s scope is without limit. She already has growing concerns that the star at the center of this galaxy will eventually die or explode, and that getting rid of it sooner rather than later might be necessary…


The Celestial Tribunal is an environment mini-expansion. Chokepoint is a villain mini-expansion. You will get both for free by preordering Villains of the Multiverse.
And that is all of the updates for today!


McBehrer's picture

Now that's a Unity nemesis if I ever saw one.

Or Bunker nemesis, given the "Ironclad" background.

Turns out she's Unity's, Bunker's, AND A-Z's nemesis.

Anyone else think the Sword shaped ship bears some similarities to Absolution?

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I wonder how Chokepoint and Omnitron would get along? 


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Great update. Love to see the greater than crew heaping on the content.

neoadvent89's picture

Great update. Love to see the greater than crew heaping on the content.

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Great artwork as usual!

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Wow, so many amazing things.


First, love references to the Sword of Damocles in any form, and giant sword shaped harbingers of doom has to be a knew favorite.


Second, woah, Chokepoint. I feel really bad for her and it makes me scared for the Sentinels. Ironclad broke her, and when she finally started doing what they seemed to want things just kept getting worse.


Beautiful story, and now we know why KNYFE was so upset by what she had to do.

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These expansions sound awesome!

So, Chokepoint looks like the first Vengeance-style villain to get an upgrade. We've seen a lot of normal villains going the other way.

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Just one question: Chokepoint is a normal style Villain, right? Or is she usable with Vengeance mode?

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She's a normal, non-Vengeance-style villain!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but we've been told normal (not team style), and it jives with the number of new oversized cards in the oversized villain cards pack. ( EDIT: NInjaed D: )

Chokepoint looks awesome, and I love the story behind her. Her being Unity's nemesis makes total sense, especially given that Unity is a promo character and she's a promo villain. That said, I could see it being Bunker too - neither have a true nemesis yet.

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Hooray for the Manhunters! Er, I mean, Automatons. :)

Great stuff though! Looking forward to it more and more!