A villain in an arena of her own!

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Hello again, Sentinels fans! Ready for another villain?! Probably not, but she's not going to wait for you to be ready!


No one knows for certain where the Bloodsworn Colosseum originated. Other than Kaargra Warfang, that is. Some say that Kaargra was a gladiator in the arena until she single-handedly overthrew the original owners of the colosseum and took control for herself. Others say that Kaargra struck a deal with some unfathomable cosmic entity, trading the portion of her soul that knew of mercy and kindness in exchange for power and a realm of her own, which manifests in the form of the Bloodsworn Colosseum. Others still paint Kaargra as a spoiled child of a rich family who used her family’s wealth to build the arena and invent the technology necessary for it to be able to translocate from one system to another. 

All rumors aside, no one truly knows the origins, and Kaargra seems disinclined to speak of anything other than the thrill of battle and the glory to be won as a Bloodsworn.


The Bloodsworn Colosseum moves from place to place, seemingly at random. Wherever it lands, Kaargra Warfang holds court. She presses any local inhabitants or creatures into service as gladiators, fighting for the crowd’s favor. Gladiators who do survive and do so in a way which impresses Kaargra are offered a chance to become one of the Bloodsworn - warriors who are bonded to Kaargra by their very blood. Many have chosen this path, as it is a path of prestige and glory, though none of the Bloodsworn survive for more than a few years.

The Bloodsworn Colosseum could appear anywhere, and any heroes around will be forced to fight for survival! Fighting in the arena will surely change a hero...

But it is not enough to merely survive the arena. Without gaining the approval of the crowd and of Kaargra herself, the fate of anyone trapped in the arena is sealed!

Are you prepared to fight for your freedom?


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Glad to see another villain update.   More mysterious mentions of a Cosmic Entity again.  We have Haka in gladiator gear similar to what the Hulk did for a while when he got sent off.   This villain sounds like it could have some interesting win and loss conditions. 

(never stop making them pay)

It sounds like we have a new Enviroment as well.

Fourth-wall breaky Hero

Environment inside a Villain inside an Environment

Fighting Omnitron with Omnitron inside Omnitron

Chris narrating the video game

This is all very 'meta'.  If someone pinches Chris and he wakes up, are we all going to die?