A villain?

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Greetings, supporters of the Cosmos!

It has been too long since we've given you new information! We've been swamped with finishing Wrath of the Cosmos and getting all the files to the printer, as well as hiring a new member of the Greater Than Games team, AND gearing up for a big announcement we'll have later this week! But now, it's time to meet a villain who wants the best for everyone...


Tarogath watched as the last of his people were wiped from existence. Jansa Vi Dero, the Terminarch, had offered Tarogath the chance to preserve the memory of his race, the Procitors, and he had taken it. But that meant he would be the last of his kind. He suffered the awful fate of knowing he was the last Procitor.

That was over 700 years ago.

Now, from his eternal home in the Enclave of the Endlings, Tarogath watches the galaxy. Most of the Endlings were content to distract themselves with their new life in the Enclave, but Tarogath cared not for their company. He spent his time, absorbed in observing the rest of the galaxy. He wept for the Mubbloxians and the Piunites as Grand Warlord Voss destroyed their civilizations, unsurprised when Jansa added one from each of their ranks to the roster of the Endlings. But then, he saw something horrible and familiar. He watched as cosmic events circled around a distant star-system in the Milky Way galaxy. The cosmic concurrences there could not be random. He was witnessing the beginning of another extinction event! And perhaps, just perhaps, he could be in time to stop it!

Stealing tech from many lost races and a ship from the Enclave, Tarogath made his way to the planet Earth. There, he brought his wisdom of centuries, his mourning for so many lost races, and his fury against the capricious forces which would bring about such catastrophes. Then, he became the embodiment of destruction. He knew that destroying enough of this foreign planet and killing enough of its inhabitants would slow if not stop entirely the cosmic events which threatened their very existence. With a heavy heart, Tarogath took the mantle of Deadline and sought to leave a scar which humanity may never fully recover from.

He will bring peace to the Earth… by plunging it into the dark ages!


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Love this character.  Thanks for the update.

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So. Cool.

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I'm gonna feel bad fighting this guy knowing more of his background but The Multiverse needs to be saved as he is taking out innocents. 

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Look at his face!

I want to give him a hug.

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This is probably my favorite villain in the expansion and I'm going to feel so bad beating him. He just wants to help in his way. But I also want to know more about this Terminarch character. He looks like a savior to races going exctinct to preserve their culture but maybe that's just a disguise and excuse for him to "collect" the last remaining members of each race. 

Maybe the Terminarch is the cause of the events wiping out these races just so he can "collect" the last remaining members.

More than any other, this is a villain with some great potential. In the future, I could see him being used as a hero to face villains like Voss. 

Great job!

I love the degree of detail and creativity you guys throw into each character.  It's not always black and white, and no "villain" sees his own motivations as "evil." I wish this all actually existed as comics, so we could read it all.

a good heart but he must be put down! earth and the multivers will be protected even if it mean's the end of a race.

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This guy is great, will be a good villain and then down the road they can throw a hero version of him into the mix.  I'm excited over the idea of having some more characters that you could fight as or fight against (that aren't Omnitron!).

This almost sounds a bit like Silver Surfer, but with changes.   I am hoping he becomes a hero in later releases, like SS did.

This sounds a lot like Beta Ray Bill! He was always one of my favorite Thor characters.