A Spiteful Update

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As indicated by the title, this update is full of spite. Or Spites, rather!


Rook City sustained massive damage during Deadline's assault on Planet Earth. Buildings crumbled due to intense seismic activity, volcanoes broke through the streets to spew lava, and fire rained down from the sky.

As the assault began, Chaiman Pike made his way down from his office at the top of Pike Tower to a secret underground facility, deep beneath the Pike Industrial Complex. Trusting in the stout iron walls and the safeguards he'd set in the case of an emergency, he approached the only empty tube in a vast chamber full of occupied tubes. Setting the tube's systems to protect but greatly slow the metabolism of its occupant, he calmly entered, barely able to hear the rumble of massive explosions from far above. He would be back when things quieted down.

His plan should have worked. However, after the Deadline event, just as relief efforts were being made to recover and restore Rook City, Progeny arrived.

The destruction the Scion brought on Rook City made the Deadline event seem like calmer times. Progeny broke Rook City, down to levels so deep that pipes bearing chemicals to Pike's underground chamber were disrupted. It would be many years before anyone emerged from the Barzakh chamber.

When a man did step forth, he was not the same man whose sense of enterprise had build a commercial kingdom, nor was he the mastermind who had ruled Rook City's underground. Further, he was accompanied by five others: the only surviving occupants of the other tubes. Each of them were an embodiment of one of the primary drugs that made Spite the lone "successful" subject of Pike's earlier experiment. They know no names other than the monikers given to them by their glorious master: Exemplar.

The Spites each have their own abilities and personalities, but all of them are unified in their love of destruction.

Demon Fist

The leader of the Spites, Demon Fist channels infernal energies to cause pain and torment. His twisted personality fits well with his dark abilities. Of all the Spites, Exemplar sees Demon Fist as the most likely to obey him... and the most likely to betray him.



He has barely any grasp of language, and thinking of anything more complex than the most rudimentary of subjects can cause him pain. However, Karnal is good at following directions, especially, when those directions involve destruction.



Imbued with powerful telepathic abilities, MindPhyre can twist the minds of those around her. She seeks to sow discord in her foes similar to the chaos which rages within the thoughts of the Spites. Ruin and agony pervade the minds of those afflicted by MindPhyre.



The largest of the Spites, Cyst increases his mass both by consuming all he can and by causing revolting growths to develop across his flesh. He exists to consume, even able to digest inedible things, like steel and concrete. He has never encountered something he would not eat.



Though frail, Grudge can absorb the lifeforce of living creatures, making him a terrible threat at close ranges. Besides leaching the energy and power of anyone he touches, he is also curious to a sinister degree - his contorted intelligence drives him to learn just what everything is made of.

Welcome to Broken City, where Spites prowl the wreckage, following the vague orders from Exemplar to "make things better and stop anyone who gets in your way."


All five of the Spites playable characters in Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City.


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This finally answers my question about what happened to turn Rook City into Broken City.   Not sure how much I like the idea of five Spites being the playable characters though. 

All of the Spites look really neat. Luckily Broken City offers 3 more playable characters than Flame of Freedom did which should allow plenty of replayability. Ultimately I think the scenario books should have a lot of fun in how they employ the five Spites.

I like how this storyline is the culmination of the Chairman, Spite, Deadline, and Progeny.

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LOVE the explanation of what happened! That really makes sense - and gives us so many answers. laugh

While I am disappointed we aren't getting more characters that we already know and love, but are getting a lot of knew characters we've never seen before, I think it'll be interesting. I also think it'll be good to get more villains in the game, so we can start playing mroe team-on-team scenarios instead of just one-on-team scenarios or skirmishes. 

Looking forward to seeing how they all play! cool

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I rescind my disappointment. The more I think about it, the more interested I am in seeing these characters. I realized they aren't really characters we don't know - they're (mechanically) a different version of Spite, broken into five (more manageable) characters.

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Curious how Cyst is bent on consuming everything he can, yet has to take his mask of for every bite ;-)

Wait... so I have a suspicion after seeing mindphyre and don't know if this has already been addressed... But we've been told that Pinion joins the Dark Watch after they lose one of their other members... and here we see a drug enhanced mystic with telepathic powers and... glowing white hair?  Did Nightmist get corrupted into the Spite known as Mindphyre?

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The 'Mynd-Phyre' drug seems to have a visual side effect of glowing white hair, so I think that would happen to anyone who would take it. Though your idea WOULD be an interesting turn of events. It's just rather unlikely.

I... have a suspicion that Nightmist is the thing that showed up in Uprising Scenario 3, not one of these.