A New Sentinels of the Multiverse Expansion, and Two New Sentinel Tactics Expansions

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We're launching three new titles in the Sentinel Comics world! The first is an expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse, the cooperative comic book card game, entitled Villains of the Multiverse. The two other titles are Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City and its expansion For Profit; both games use the system established in Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom and are compatible with that game.

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Villains of the Multiverse is a collection of ten super-powered villains for Sentinels of the Multiverse. Rather than being standalone villains, they work as part of a team of villains in the playstyle introduced in Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance. Additionally, Villains of the Multiverse includes two new environments, which can be used in any Sentinels of the Multiverse game.

Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City is a standalone game using the Sentinel Tactics system. It can be played on its own or be combined with Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom and Uprising. It will include new playable characters, map tiles, and scenario books. The For Profit expansion contains additional characters and scenarios involving content from both the Flame of Freedom and Battle for Broken City core games.

A preorder period for these three major products - as well as other accessories such as villain oversized cards - will begin on Monday, January 19th, on our website. The products can all be preordered for their MSRP:

  • Villains of the Multiverse - $29.95
  • Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City - $39.95
  • Sentinel Tactics: For Profit - $19.95

The preorder will run until March 12th, 2015. The games will all be in your hands by the end of 2015, though they will be produced in separate waves. This lets you save shipping by combining large orders or get the games right when they come out by placing multiple orders. Additionally, as in all of our preorders, each order will contain promos and other free game content.

For anyone who is waiting on oversized cards from previous orders, you don't even need to order the new villain oversized card pack as you'll be getting it for free!

Check back on Monday, and let's make this the best preorder event yet!


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It's like Christmas happened again. Time to break out that holiday money.


Seriously I do plan on pre-ordering! :P

Ten new villians! 


That means the vilains will out number the heroes.... *flails* I can't wait!

What's the shipping going to be like to Insula Primalis, er I mean Australia? I really want to do the pre-order for the extra goodies, but it may make more sense to wait and buy through my FLGS.

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A whole explansion dedicated to vengence like villains? Sounds like a blast!

Will it be possible to mix and match existing villains from villain teams with the team villains from the Villains expansion? That is, in a five-player game, could I take two Vengeful Five villains and three Villains expansion villains and use them as a team vs the players?

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Yes, indeed!

Thanks for reply. 

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For the Greater than Guys so loved the Multiverse love they gave us more

*Fanatic wept*

This just made my day and will make my Monday even better




I look forward to all the upcoming updates revealing more and more for these expansions =D

Meh. I'm not going to get excited by this. I'm just going to log in monday, throw money at them, and log out. Not obsess over it and check back every day until it arrives. Honest. No hype here, nope. None at all.

(Oh gods, I'm screwed. In other news, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee more Sentinels!)

Or are you guys just taking pre-orders there?



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Just taking preorders.

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what an announcement!!!  

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No heroes in this one?

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This time I have an actual job to pay for stuff *evil grin*

I saw the title "Villains of the Multiverse" and was hoping this would introduce playable versions of the villains with enemy decks for the heroes. Like playing as Baron Blade and Citizen Dawn to fight a hero team or have Ambuscade teamup with The Wraith to take on Spite. This sounds fun, but still dreaming of playing the bad guys in the card game one day. Just have to stick to Tactics to realize that for now. :) 

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I've had the exact same thought many a time. My group has pondered trying to make some house rules for it.

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I'd love to know how miniatures are going to work for these expansions. At present, we're looking at 90$ to pre-order the three expansions. It would be a TREMENDOUS relief on the ol' wallets if the miniatures could go up as an entirely seperate pre-order perhaps a few months later to save us the grief of another $320+ hit like last year.

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So...  Is Villains the final expansion then? I thought the next big box expansion was supposed to be the end of the series?

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I can't speak for GtG, but plans tend to change. I don't think Christopher ever "officially" said the next big box was the last expansion... It was just something he mentioned on the forums off handedly and we, as crazy fans, took his word as law.

Besides, I'm pretty sure i read at some point that there were no plans for any more Vengeance style releases so I'm glad they changed their minds.

Overall, plans aren't set in stone. Not until GtG at least says so in an official capacity.

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No. What was said was that the final expansion would be a mega expansion. They never said that the next big box expansion would be the end.

NO! I don't want it to end! EVER!

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I loved the addition of minis to the base game of Tactics and would gladly pay for another pack of them.  So the only question is...will there be minis?  Also, can we get Spiff the tile maps early since he did such a great job making 3D environments?

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Recently Wraith of the Cosmos put our two Sentinel Trough boxes (Sentinels 2ed/Vengance) on jam packed red alert!

Will Villains of the Multiverse add a new trough box to the collection? I can use a Team Play box to create some room. The Multiverse is requiring multi-storage! :) 

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I'd be in the same boat, if I didn't have the Rook City/Infernal Relics combo box. I would support the idea of a storage expansion set, at this point...

Im going to need a new pair of pants yet again...

Excited as ever. (Begins preparing wallet)


A new preorder while the previous one (WotC) still has to arrive (europe is soooo far away from the USA).


Will the villains box be a big box (like vengance)? I'm running out of room to store them all.

My wallet......

But more Sentinels.....

But my wallet......

But more Sentinels......

*Sighs and opens wallet* Be gentle

Will this pack come with oversized cards for the villains?  And are we getting over sized cards for the villains in cosmos?

I am all for new product, but all of them at once?  If this were done is waves, better chance you would get more of my money.  Now, I will have to pick and choose.

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I'm sure you're going to be getting these questions over and over, but I just have to ask them.

So there will be no new heroes in VotM?(Excluding the possiblility of a new possible mini-expansion like Unity or Guise?)

And is this the last expansion for SotM?

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It hurts...My wallet hurts so bad...

Will these come with the Villains expansion?  The post isn't completely clear.


Also, can I get all the oversized villain cards I'm missing without ordering this expansion?  Not that I'll be able to resist, but I am curious.

Can we get a collectors box that will hold all the expansions in one box?

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I would definitely be willing to pay for a sturdy and cool looking collectors box designed to hold everything.

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But the boxes are already so heavy... Can you imagine how heavy a single box for all those cards would be?

I play on a little, cramped table in my little, cramped NY apartment. Vengeance style is fun, but beyond the limits of my table (also, not every gamer in my group likes that style). Any chance of including optional solo conversions?

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I have not tried it yet, but it might be interesting to play 1v1 with a Vengeance villian.

I'm not getting the bit about the oversized villain cards - the VotM expansion will include oversized villain cards for all villains ever?  All villains since the last oversized pack?  All villains in the VotM expansion?

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I don't know about you, but I carry all of my decks with me whenever I know I'm going to play. So one super heavy box vs three heavy boxes... It's pretty much the samething...

Personally, I don't want one huge box, mainly because I really like the size of the current boxes (the fit really well in a tote bag)... But it would be nice if they released this expansion in another full sized box. Then I could actually fit everything in the official boxes without crushing stuff...

Cool more boxes to add to the collection, that's just great! I have moved all of my card's out of the cool art printed boxes to a plan white 3 row card box. It's not a bad storage for such a large game. I wish they would release a collectors case to store all of the cards in one awesome graphic covered case. With that said I hope try do it for those of us who have sleeved the game. 

  I Use this Case http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/wooden-artist-case-125005/.  It holds all my cards plus several printed decks and all my accessories with still more room.  You have to do a minor bit of modification and dump the top tray and easle but it works great.  All it required was  a saw, some glue. a screwdriver (to remove the easle) Some scrap foam core and time.  Its heavy but the handle is sturdy and comfortable and you can even put a shoulder strap on it (not included) If you need more details feel free to pm me. Oh hereis a link to a pic ( it won't let me insert the pic except at giant size)  http://www.rrmdesign.net/IMG_2004.JPG

Does it hold all the cards sleeved? I have been looking in to it but I don't want to waste time and money when it won't hold the game sleeved. 

Mine holds all the cards sleeved.  I had to split into a second case now as well, but that's largely because I have a lot of extra stuff in mine...  But that's beside the point.  The only -real- drawback I could see is that if you stick to horizontal card storage, you might run out of space sooner.  

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Super excited for this new Sentinels of the Multiverse expansion, but not too keen on ordering it as I still haven't received my copy of Cosmos yet...will probably back this once I get Cosmos!

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Hmmm, if you're living in the US, you should absolutely have your copy of Wrath of the Cosmos by now... Can you send Craig an e-mail at Craig@greaterthangames.com with your order information so we can figure out what happened? Not all of the international packages have gone out yet, but all of the domestic ones have.

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I am a Canadian customer, and we did an order of 4 together.  Hoping they will ship soon if they have not yet!

I currently only play SotM, but my good buddy plays both SotM and Tactics. We live down the street from each other, so we like to order together to save on shipping costs (for you and us). The problem is, we may be moving in August as we're hoping to both finish school by then. Do you have any idea when you are planning on releasing the expansions? If the VotM expansion will be available and shipped by or during summer, we would like to preorder it asap, but it wouldn't make sense if it will be past then.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Can't wait for more Sentinels! Easily one of my all-time top 3 favorite games to play. :)