A New Game Design Contest!

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Earlier this year, we ran a 72 hour Kickstarter over April Fool's Day. We called it Meta Games for Small Pockets, but it was pretty clear that it was a joke. Mind you, it wasn't JUST a joke - we also made two solid games. Games that were also jokes. But totally real games! 

The feedback from those jokes games was so positive that we are at it again! The response to Deck Building: the Deck Building Game in particular sparked a lot of great jokes discussion from the community, and that has inspired us to run a game design contest! Note: this is totally NOT a joke. And so, announcing:

That's right! For this contest, we're looking for games in which the title of the game AND the core mechanic of the game are the same. Need some inspiration? Here is a list of mechanics from Board Game Geek. Anything in there spark your creativity? We hope so! (Feel free to use game mechanics not from this list, as well!) 

We're looking for games on the lighter weight side - games that would fit in our $10 "Rabbit" size box, or our $20 "Monkey" size box. 

Send your submissions to Christopher@greaterthangames.com by the end of Monday, January 18th 2016.  Submissions should include at least an elevator pitch and a prototype rulebook. The more complete a game, the better the submission will be!

The submissions will be judged by myself, Chris Kirkman, and Peter Hayward. We will begin going through the submissions after the deadline ends! If multiple people submit the same game idea or overlap the same game mechanic, the best game design using that idea/mechanic will win!

At least one (if not more!) games from this contest will be published by us via another 72 hour Kickstarter over April Fool's Day 2016! Don't miss out on this chance to make bad joke game design history!


To give you an idea of what sort of game we're looking for, let me tell you about the game that Peter Hayward and I are co-designing.

Multiple players play as automobile mechanics, all working together to fix cars. However, one of them has been hired by a rival auto-shop to undermine their efforts and make this auto-shop go bankrupt. You must work together, fix the cars, and attempt to reveal just which one of you is the Traitor Mechanic. That's right: Traitor Mechanic: the Traitor Mechanic Game. Get the idea?


Now go make some jokes games!


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Well this is exciting! :D

What's the rule on multiple submissions from the same person? Yay or nay?

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Because I've gotten a few questions already about it, I'm here with a couple clarifications!

First off, in case it wasn't clear, the winner(s) of this contest will have their game published by Greater Than Games. Part of that publishing contract includes a portion of the profits from the game, so yes, you will be a paid and published game designer if you win this contest!

Also, multiple submissions from one designer is totally fine, but do note that the more complete and polished a submission is, the more favorably it will be considered, so time is certainly a factor.

Enjoy your game designing!

Christopher, It's nice you can make a post about your contest.  Why don't you go fulfill some orders that people paid for and are waiting for?

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Working on that, too! Thanks for your comment!

What are the dimensions of the monkey box

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Roughly 8" by 4" and 1.25" tall.

When we submit our games for the contest, should we expect an email confirmation back?  I have spent a lot of time on my game, and I want to make sure I know you guys got it! ;)

Thanks! I am looking forward to seeing what other people have done!

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Since I'm currently 99% focused on the Villains of the Multiverse shipout, I have not been sending confirmation e-mails - just collecting all of the submissions to go over once the contest ends. I should go through and send confirmation e-mails on all of the submissions I've received. I'll do so later this week. 

Hope this helps!

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Then hopefully I can get my submission to you before those confirmations get sent out.

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With the deadline being tomorrow night and no confirmation recieved, should I go ahead and resend my entry just to be safe?

I guess I am glad for that because I am waiting for my copy of Villains as well.

Thank you!

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Well now I have submited my entry, as I wanted as much time to test and tweak, and begins the fun part.... Waiting.... (Also, I really hope that the issues people where having with comunicating with the villiains shiping doesn't eat my entry)

I sent mine in this morning.  I think it would be interesting to see all the ideas that came out of this contest.  This is my first time creating a game where I wrote down all of the game rules.  I've learned quite a bit from this project.


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Only a couple hours until the deadline, but I just submitted my entry to the contest.  I've written lots of LARPs before, but this was my first time trying my hand at a boardgame.  It was a lot of fun to put together and I can't wait to see what comes out of the contest.