Welcome to the Wrath of the Cosmos Preorder!

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Greetings, Sentinels fans!

Welcome to the first update of the Wrath of the Cosmos preorder campaign!

What is Wrath of the Cosmos? I'm glad you asked! It's the upcoming expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse, the cooperative comic book card game!

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Wrath of the Cosmos

So, here's how this campaign will work. For the next month, you can preorder Wrath of the Cosmos here. Every copy preordered increases the count displayed at the front page of SentinelsoftheMultiverse.com!

We will be posting regular updates with information about the game, the characters, and what's happening with the preorder campaign in general. You can subscribe to those updates here.

This preorder campaign is running from Tuesday, August 5th to Friday, September 5th at 5:00 Central Time. (ACTUALLY, IT'S OVER NOW!) The counter here will keep track of how many copies of Wrath of the Cosmos have been preordered. (The counter refreshes every 15-30 minutes, so don't worry if you don't see it update live. That said, feel free to check back in every so often to see where we are in the campaign!)
As we reach certain numbers on that counter, each preordered copy will include more and more free things! Here's a list of what you can get:

  • UNLOCKED! 3 Wrath of the Cosmos Art Prints!
  • UNLOCKED! 100 copies preordered: 5 free promo cards: The Prime Wardens!
  • UNLOCKED! 500 copies preordered: 1 free environment mini-expansion: Omnitron-IV!
  • UNLOCKED! 1000 copies preordered: 1 free villain mini-expansion: Wager Master!
  • UNLOCKED! 1500 copies preordered: 1 free hero mini-expansion: Guise!
  • UNLOCKED! 3000 copies preordered: 1 free promo card: KNYFE!

The Cosmos are leaving their mark on the Multiverse! Do you have what it takes to save the earth from the impending annihilation?


There is a very simple solution to this: ask your game store to preorder this expansion. Then they will get the promos and can pass them on to you.

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Who absolutly LOVES seeing this game abreviations Wrath of the Cosmos (WotC) with such Hype behind it? It may just be me but I very much dislike WotC (Wizards of the Coast) so this is simply amazing to see either intentinal or not great title job Greater Than Games ;)

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I am so excited about this and that it runs to September 4th because I am sooooooooooo in but won't get paid until just about the end of August.  But as soon as I do, I am preordering.

I don't know if when we crush the 1,500 mark there will be new goals, but if there is, what do people want to see?

I personally am wanting a big card expansion pack that converts all previous villains (and up to the new Cosmos releases as well as Cosmic Omni and Bomber Blade) to have Vengeance style villain sheets so lots of team combinations can be created along with new tactical styles akin to the previous ones; likewise, the Vengeance Five receive their own five cards that make them like the original stand-alone villains. That would give the game incredible variety.

I don't know if it's verboten to talk about this here, but both these things have already been done by a fan on boardgamegeek.  I have solo versions of all five Vengeance villains, Vengeance versions of every villain in the game, and a separate deck that treats the V5 as a single villain.

More on topic, I too would like to know if there are plans beyond the 1500 pre-order mark.  It seems greedy to ask, but this month-long pre-order campaign looks like it's going to be "fulfilled" in regard to "stretch goals" in only a few days.  I want a reason to keep coming back here several times a day! :)

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I would love more things to stir into the V5 mix, just for variety. I wouldn't mind if they were new decks/characters, but I'd be just as happy with Promo cards that made old villains into these types.


We'll probably reach 1500 this weekend. And hopefully, with >G going to conventions this month, that will really, really blow the goal out of the water as new players are introduced to the game. I do really, really hope that they add more stuff, too! Again, I don't want to feel greedy,  but it it also seems like there are so, so, so many cool stories and ideas in this world, and I hope they unlock them all for us!

4th-ed, more V5 villains and an upconvert of existing villains would be stellar.

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The problem is, you can't just slap a new villain card on a deck and make it compatible with the Vengeful Five; you need to have new cards which are made to act as a team.


That being said, I'd like to see an Omnitron X promo; maybe it'd be called Omnitron 0 and could somehow pay homage to a certain red lightsaber swinging video game robot?

Never say never, as if these cards had team abilties, and some even triggered when a specific card or two were played from the original villain deck, I believe it could very well be done. It's all about the originality put on each of the new villain character cards that would take an old deck and make it do new tricks.

And yes, anything new about Omnitron is fricking sweet. Psyched about the new Omnitron environment.

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I think there will be another V5 type team or decks that come up but I don't think it will be in this expansion.   Really, I just hope we don't have what dominion did which is introduce a mechanic and it's just isolated to that one expansion.

I wish I could get the over-sized villain cards somewhere...

Aren't they available on this site? Granted, I got mine at my local game place, but I thought they were available still.

Got mine at a local hobby shop too

There is someone selling it on ebay. It's worth to check:


Thanks.  $17 + $47 shipping.  Based on what I've learned in these comments, they must be using FedEx.  wink

I guess I'll just keep hoping that Greater Than Games reprints them at some point.

I apologize for asking a question i am sure has been answered. I just can't find it. What is the expected release date to this one?

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They said it would be in December, I assume before Christmas.

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tell me we don't have to wait till monday to see the new hero

i was joking guys come on :(

Don't even joke like that.

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I reside in the Asia-Pacific Region. Specifically the Philippines.

How much would International Shipping to my country cost?


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But I am incapacitated because of the wait for the new hero reveal!

For all of you desperatly waiting to see the new Hero, as a playtester I can definitly say it is worth the wait.  Even if we have to wait to Monday.  This guy is extremly serious...his deck not his personality...and is probably going to be one of my regulars to play.

Just placed an order for 7 copies.  Local gamers I could contact are going in together and splitting the bill.  Shipping is a whopping $2.50 per person or so.  This was cheaper than all the kickstarter expansions for us! Everyone complaining about shipping get organized and find your local gamers, or addict a few friends ASAP so they'll buy in too. :)



I also missed getting into this game on the ground floor. Nice to see they are doing their own Kickstarter-style pre order. Super stoked!! 

Now to convince my wife I need this game and to support my local game store by buying the base game from them. Given the turn sequence is much simpler than my CCG of choice, I think I have a shot at getting the wife to play with me. 

Wish me luck!

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Dear Greater Than,

Pre-orders good.

Extra goodies good.

Cutting out Kickstarter -- OK.

Cutting out my FLGS... not so cool. 

I learned about Sentinels at my FLGS.

I play Sentinels at my FLGS.

How do I do the pre-order through my FLGS? So I don't have to cut them out?

Can they get some goodies? I.e. better pricing and/or a deal or extra games if they get enough pre-orders?

My FLGS supports (in my case IS) my local game group, and they give me a break on pricing as long as I buy all my stuff through them.

I feel bad about cutting them out of the loop. 

Anything you guys can do to help?



Bloomfield, NY

Am I right in thinking that we get all of the things from the unlock goal if we pre-order? As shipping to the UK is nearly twice the price of the expansion and that's without the charges the postal service charge afterwards. But it would be worth paying out for knowing I we get everything else as well :)

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If you preorder WotC you will get sent everything that is unlocked at no extra cost.  So at this point it would be five promos character cards for the Prime Wardens, Omnitron IV environment deck, Wager Master villain deck, and an unrevealed hero deck.  

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Paul confirmed that UK copies will be shipped from the EU, so no customs tax to pay!

I want this so badly, but the shipping to the UK is so extortionate... *Please* give us the option to buy the expansion without the bulky box! It would save money for everyone involved, and for a lot of us (me included) the box would just be going in the bin anyway.

Can I dito the boxless? I really don't need it and will just throw it out as soon as I get all the cards into the other box....

O.K. I'm really not getting all this flap over the shipping cost. Speaking from the U.K., yes it is a shame shipping is twice the cost of the item but the total is about $45 if I remember right. Convert that to £ and it's something like £25. Now look on Amazon, not many decent games on there for under £30. I'm happy to pay £25ish for this expansion, especially with all the added content for pre order. Keep up the good work >G

I'm not saying GtG are gouging us here or anything - trans-Atlantic shipping genuinely is ruinous, and even including shipping it's arguably an OK price depending on the promos. (Although I think you're forgetting VAT and being generous with your currency conversion - ignoring possible customs charges I make it about £36, not £25.) That doesn't change the fact that I'd much rather avoid both me and GtG paying a significant amount of money purely to ship me a box I don't actually want. For me at least it's the difference between an automatic pre-order and being on the fence.

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There won't be customs charges, the expansion will be shipped to us from the EU.

...But if we don't get info on the other hero we unlocked soon, we might go insane.

Maybe they already left for Gencon...

GtG: "Well that's everything packed! I still feel like we're forgetting something though..."

Shipping costs are crazy. It costs me $32.00 to ship it to me and I am in Alaska. Throw it in a flat rate priority box and charge me $12.00 shipping. This is why I haven't ordered your mini-expansions either, shipping costs are way too high!

So now that we have met all of the listed stretch goals will there be more released or have we hit the cap?

It's my birthday (really!) and for my birthday I would like....

(Blows out candles)

to know who the unlocked hero is!


...But where is the fun in that?  All I will say is he is definitly worth the wait and you shouldn't be disappointed.  I can also tell you happy birthday!!!

Did I just see a twitter feed from >G announcing the new hero?

Quick everyone check their twitter feed :D

Link please.

More of this please.

I Preordered it!

I want to be supportive of the creators and the other fans out there bewcause more sales = more stretch goals achived, and bonus content which is cool. But Seriously to the Fantastic people at Greater Than Games you have to do something about shipping costs $62.85 for shipping for a game that costs $19.95 is ridiculous.


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*Assorted Emotions not approved by Iron Legacy*


Wrath of the Cosmos is closing in on 1900 'supporters' vs the high water mark of just shy of 2200 'backers' Shattered Timelines/Sentinel Tactics' hit on The Kick. Awesome first week and more to come! @GreaterthanGuys I'm glad 'Shattering the Crowdfunding' has paid off. :) 


Have fun at GenCon - I'm off to NegCon

The wait was completely worth it. Where FOX has failed to enterprise on Deadpool, GreaterThanGames knows talent when they see it.

@Christopher - The bonus stuff for pre-ordering looks wicked cool at this point, and I'm totally grateful, but if we get to 2,500 pre-order of WotC, may I please stroke your beard?

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I would totally pre-order this expansion, especially since I just got a chance to play the base game not too long ago. When I went through the process of seeing how the shipping costs where, I was shocked to see $15 for this. Is there no better way/price to ship this out???

How about adding some stretch goals for reprints of the earlier promo cards?