Well over 500 copies preordered!

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Wow! We blew through the 500 copies last night, and we're still going strong!

As a result of this progress, every preordered copy of Wrath of the Cosmos will also include the mini-expansion environment: Omnitron-IV!

After the cosmically imbued Omnitron was destroyed by the heroes of earth, many thought the last had been seen of the destructive artificial intelligence. Baron Blade merely saw potential. He worked through many channels to recover parts of the Omnitron frame, and rebuilt and reactivated them as his own personal Omni-Blade!

However, after the Vengeful Five's defeat, there was enough sentience left in the Omni-Blade that it knew to hide. It slowly accumlated parts and resources, but it had lost much of its intelligence. It struggled to reach its former power, but it was missing too much of itself. Instead, it formed a massive construction assemblary. There, it pumped out drones and devices, hoping to match in numbers what it once had in power.

Omnitron-IV Environment Deck Back

Many seeking power have attempted to harness the automatically generated troops and resources created by the fourth incarnation of Omnitron. Heroes have faced more than one villain in the self-aware factory, each attempting to join forces with the robot, or even to subjugate its programming. If any were to succeed, the results would be disastrous...


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This.  Is.  Freaking.  AWESOME!

(And I'm referring to the order the versions appeared in the card game's publishing history).

I love how they're exploring how to use a single character in every aspect of the game while maintaining their identity and unique traits.  I'm throwing down with this as soon as I get it.  Omnitron-X vs. Omnitron in Omnitron IV?  That's almost as convoluted as getting enough copies of Legacy's hero deck to play Legacy, Young Legacy, and Greatest Legacy vs. Iron Legacy.

So now we know about Omnitron versions, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10.  I wonder what sweetness will present itself in the rest.

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Somehow a previous version of the blurb ended up in the URL.

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We aren't seeing that problem on our end, Katsue. What URL are you getting?

The link I get when I tried to click through is: https://greaterthangames.com/content/Our%20preorder%20campaign%20is%20ov...'ve%20revealed%20the%20mini-expansion%20environment%20that%20every%20preordered%20copy%20of%20Wrath%20of%20the%20Cosmos%20come%20with%20for%20free!%20%20https://greaterthangames.com/content/well-over-500-copies-preordered



It's got the correct link at the end of it, which is how I ended up here.

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That is a weird url! Where was that link posted? The main page of the website, or social media?

if you follow the link on Chrisopher's post about the preorder it leads to the link Katsue mentioned. I had to follow the link posted on twitter to see the article.

if you follow the link on Christopher's post about the preorder it leads to the link Katsue mentioned. I had to follow the link posted on twitter to see the article.

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So I is the original, II is Cosmic, IV is this, and V is in Tactics... What happened to III?

Omni-blade might count as Omni-III

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Ah, thank you.

He is a minion named "Omni-Blade" in Baron Blade's Vengeance deck.

Does anyone see environment cards with the type drone in our future?

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Omnitron is awesome.

That is all.

So, um... Omnitron battling Omnitron inside of Omnitron. Seems legit.

When I was introduced to Sentinels at a convention Omnitron-X was my first hero. He remains my favorite.

I look forward to Omni vs Omni in Omni. Omniception. Omnitron V's mini will survey the game as well.

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I saw a video on the internet like that once.  Its NSFW :)



Anyone else have this strange urge to go out and get another two copies of Shattered Timelines just for the omni-omni fight of omniawesomeness?

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I mean that, seriously.  I'm normally not the sort to bother saying anything positive unless it's non-obvious, but in view of my comments on the other two new mini-exp decks, I figured I should break from type.  This is the most interesting part of this entire expansion to me; the idea of turning Omnitron back into a sentient *location* is completely fitting, yet it never occurred to me, and my mind was blown.  More than anything, *that's* why I plan on preordering.