Welcome to the Wrath of the Cosmos Preorder!

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Greetings, Sentinels fans!

Welcome to the first update of the Wrath of the Cosmos preorder campaign!

What is Wrath of the Cosmos? I'm glad you asked! It's the upcoming expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse, the cooperative comic book card game!

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Wrath of the Cosmos

So, here's how this campaign will work. For the next month, you can preorder Wrath of the Cosmos here. Every copy preordered increases the count displayed at the front page of SentinelsoftheMultiverse.com!

We will be posting regular updates with information about the game, the characters, and what's happening with the preorder campaign in general. You can subscribe to those updates here.

This preorder campaign is running from Tuesday, August 5th to Friday, September 5th at 5:00 Central Time. (ACTUALLY, IT'S OVER NOW!) The counter here will keep track of how many copies of Wrath of the Cosmos have been preordered. (The counter refreshes every 15-30 minutes, so don't worry if you don't see it update live. That said, feel free to check back in every so often to see where we are in the campaign!)
As we reach certain numbers on that counter, each preordered copy will include more and more free things! Here's a list of what you can get:

  • UNLOCKED! 3 Wrath of the Cosmos Art Prints!
  • UNLOCKED! 100 copies preordered: 5 free promo cards: The Prime Wardens!
  • UNLOCKED! 500 copies preordered: 1 free environment mini-expansion: Omnitron-IV!
  • UNLOCKED! 1000 copies preordered: 1 free villain mini-expansion: Wager Master!
  • UNLOCKED! 1500 copies preordered: 1 free hero mini-expansion: Guise!
  • UNLOCKED! 3000 copies preordered: 1 free promo card: KNYFE!

The Cosmos are leaving their mark on the Multiverse! Do you have what it takes to save the earth from the impending annihilation?



I have a question about the "stretch goals" for the WotC preorders.  Are the bonuses going to be new items, older items, or will we get to pick?  I ask because a lot of people are going to have all the mini expansions that are currently released, and receiving newly released mini expansions is more awesome than we are used to from companies.  Also if the promos aren't brand new promos will we get to pick the 5, please please please?  I ask these questions because I WILL be buying the new expansion.  The only issue will be buying either from you directly or from my buddy's card shop to support a friend and local small business.

Thanks for you time I look forward to hearing from you.


As a playtester, I'm 99% sure they're new :)


If I wasn't in Canada and shipping wasn't *horrendous*, I'd have already placed my order.  Will the mini-expansions eventually be available at our FLGS?

Yeah, I'd love to pre-order the game through the actual site. But unfortunately the shipping prices are ridiculous.

I mean, I can order the game for the same cost on Amazon, and get it with free shipping. Or I can just head down to Toronto and buy it there.

They really need to set up an acceptable shipping system.

I'd have to agree.  I went ahead an ordered it but I had talk myself into basically "sucking it up" and paying the shipping cost.  In the states at least I know USPS would be cheaper.  I almost just waited until it arrived in stores, but I also wanted to support the creators.  I will say that the shipping costs are the main reason I haven't bought more from the site.

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>G is totally supported when you buy from the stores, as they distribute product to stores/distributers themselves. Its ok, you can totally buy from stores (support FLGS!) 


also, for others looking and blancing at the high shipping costs, get some friends together and order all at once. It helps lowers the cost!

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Same I kinda wish there was an option similar to the previous printing where you can get it without the box and still receive the promos.

As love to suppor tthem, just sometimes the shipping is a bit more pricey than one could handle.


At least its good that each copy of the game comes with the bonus materials. Makes it easier to try to persuade someone to grab a copy together.

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yeah sorry >G the CAN shipping is just too too much to get me to bite. I'll have to wait till FLGS

Looks like EU shipping is more than the total cost of the game again. Do you guys have any idea if you will be able to get more reasonably priced shipping options for outside of the US at any point during the pre order? I'd love to get my pre order on, but can't realistically justify paying more for shipping than for the game its self.

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The total for me in the UK is $50, which is about £30. Standard expansions usually go for £15-20.

However if we unlock all three mini-expansions, the price starts looking good. Those cost £3-5 each, so say £12 for the 3. Then you're getting a £15 expansion plus £12 of minis plus art prints plus promos for £30 and that seems much better.

Still seems a bit of a gamble though, as if not enough are shifted we could just end up with twice the cost of the item as the postage. I guess its a wait and see sort of affair for me.

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a gamble! We've blow past that mark with weeks to go! :)

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Except that at $50 you're over the threshold for customs duties, which will set you back about another £15 for import tax and handling fees.

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Is shipping included in the threshold?

Edit: duty calculator.com says there will be nothing to pay on a $20 card game with $30 shipping, assuming the value is declared as such. 

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Also, for this preorder, we will either ship from within the EU, or arrange to pay any taxes or duties ourselves.

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Thank you Paul, that's great to hear. :)

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Thanks for making that clear. Considering I'd probably need to get an extra copy for my daughter, that pushes the price from "insane" to "debatably worth it considering the presence of the promos". 

Don't feel too bad, its just about the same here in the states.  FedEx charges about as much as the game!  There are definitely cheaper ways to send this out just as fast. 

Just wondering why you would end this the day before a lot of people's possible payday. I for on get paid the 5th that I know I will have the extra money to pre-order. 

Even the shipping within the US is surprisingly high ($11) given that this will probably not be a particularly large or heavy box.  Is that at least FedEx overnight in that case and not fedex ground?  The order page just called it FedEx Home Delivery.

$10-11 I could deal with.

But $16 within the US?


Im really debating supporting this now.

Hell, USPS would be half that, at best.

I was about to consolidate a preorder with my friend to split the shipping costs. However, we realized we might not both get the preorder bonuses. If we order 2 expansions to 1 address, how many bonuses will be shipped with them? One or two?

Regardless, looking forward to the expansion!

1 set of bonuses per box so you'll each get them. I asked Christopher since I'm now ordering 4 copies... :) 

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That is correct! You get 1 sets of bonus things per copy of Wrath of the Cosmos you order, so feel free to consolidate!


But do the combined orders count as multiple orders towards unlocking the bonuses?  If you combine and order 4, does that up the ticker by 4 or just 1?

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It will up the ticker by 4!

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Cant wait to get my hands on this new expansion.

Oh this is happening. As soon as I have the money to place the preorder (probably next week with overtime and commisions)

As a note, the costs for the 'stretch rewards' are notably lower than historical kickstarters.  The F6 came at $40k, then for the other decks it was 60/80/100k.  As it stands looking at the current 100/500/1000/1500 copies, we get all the current rewards at $46,500 (assuming $31/box)... less than half of what it took through KS to get the same amount of stuff.  I have no doubt we'll hit it, and it's a significantly better deal for both us and >G.  Other rewards come in at $3100, $15,500, and $31,000.  Shattered Timelines hit $180,000... Additionally, for Shattered Timelines, we hit $50,000 on the second day... almost there by the end of the first day...

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That is a big reason why we are trying it this way! A Kickstarter campaign has a lot of overhead that this sort of preorder does not, so we can offer cool stretch goals at much lower sales totals.

Thanks for the reply, Paul.  Honestly, my biggest concern is that you guys are going to blow through the goals really fast and the excitement of working to get to the stretch goals isn't going to be there to feed the machine... Not that I'm complaining horribly - I love the game and am really happy to see another expansion!

So according to this post you apparently want us to pay 600 dollars for your old promos on eBay. Thanks. Great way to screw over your new customers. Are you going to be allowing us to make our own copies of the old cards since you won't release the old and game-breaking versions anymore? Don't try to tell me that a few, such as America's Greatest Legacy, and Team Leader Tachyon aren't game breaking. People are selling fake versions on eBay now for big money.

Oh and don't give me drive to one of our cons or our store. That's crap. Your customers who bought at retail aren't any less important than the rest.


Umm... I don't work for >G... I was just excited by numbers... I like math... it's fun.

Not you. This stupid system just sets it to reply at the end. i do deserve an answer though.

Yeah - I saw that after I clicked reply to your post... it was a very strange thing to see happen, honestly.  I wasn't able to delete my post after either (which is fine, but it made this whole thread between you and me feel a bit awkward to me - sorry about that :)

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Actually, all of our promo cards will eventually be printed in an "unlimited edition" promo card pack once the main story arc of Sentinels of the Multiverse is complete in around two years. The cards in this pack will be mechanically identical to the already (and about to be) released promo cards, and will be available at retail for a low price.

In addition, for the first time with Wrath of the Cosmos, we are going to be able to offer the promo cards to any store that pre-orders Wrath of the Cosmos. Now, you still won't get the mini-expansions for free like you (hopefully) will on the Kickstarter campaign, but you will be able to buy them at your FLGS if you so desire!

Thanks for the polite and constructive feedback, and I hope that answers all of your questions!

You've given that answer for years about the unlimited. You were giving us that during another kickstarter. So basically you're telling us yeah, forget about you if you didn't get in early. You won't be able to have a decent game against any of the harder villains such as cosmic omnitron etc. And we apparently have to wait until all the expansions are done which could be forever. But as long as you don't care everyone is printing your cards and selling them that's basically saying go ahead and do it so that explains it for me.

Oh and don't get smarmy with me, it wasn't polite but you guys don't deserve polite.

I believe Cosmic Omnitron and Bomber Blade are avalibale in the oversized villians pack.

I came into this game just after the release of Shattered Timelines, and have managed to acquire legitmate copies of all of the promos, including Young Legacy. Now there was a bit of luck involved, and a fair amount of trawling the internet looking for the promos but its possible to come in and acquire the earlier promos for less than $600.

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Just print the promos yourself and have done with it. Having originals from GtG doesn't provide you with any in-game advantage.

True fact - I was actually using the BGG version of the Panzer-Buster by having the picture of the card up on my phone while I was playing the game before he was released...

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1) Promos are not nessesary to beat hard villains. Better play is. Give that a try

2) Promos stand for promotional. Promotional items are always time sensitive. You are not entitled to have them if you missed them.

3) You said it yourself. Print out your own promos (like myself and the rest of us who don't have them), or use your moms credit card to buy them off the 2nd hand market.

4) Would you like a hug? You seem like you were never hugged enough. Here, I'll give you one *e-hug*

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What would you like GtG to do?

Knowing that my FLGS will have the mini-promos will suit well enough.  Thanks so much for the info.  :)

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The promos are all on BGG and GtG has said it is more than ok to print and make your own copies. Plus they will be releasing a pack of all the promos after the last expansion. You should really do your homework before commentjng

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The promos are 5 all new character cards.  The Prime Wardens.  

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They too, like the others, will be on BGG in all their glory. And Be OK to print out.

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All of the images for the promo cards have been made available on BGG for people who would like to print them themselves.



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There are images on BGG that people use to order cards from Print studio (which is likely where the fake ones on E-Bay are coming from)

GtG has said they are okay with people using those images to print out their own promo cards.

They are also planning on producing a full promo pack with every promo card from the game after all the promos are out, and they will have new artwork for all of them.

So you can print out your own fake ones for pretty cheap (like $12-20 or so for the lot of them) and then pick up the shiny new artwork ones when they come out.

If you like donating to charity in reasonably large sums go to a convention and attend their charity auction, better than paying someone on E-Bay the same amount.

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All the alternate promos have been made available on boardgamegeek I believe or on spiffworld.  GTG has allowed them to be posted and printed for your convenience.  If you want cards that in the same vein as what is currently being printed and you didn't pre-order, GTG has said once the world of SotM has been finished, they will release a "Legacy Promo Deck" that can be purchased in the future.  There really is no need to purchase the cards off of ebay, just some paper, maybe an old playing card or something similar and a sleeve will do the same thing.