Over 100 Copies Preordered! Promo Cards Unlocked!

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Congrats, Wrath of the Cosmos preorderers!

There are already over 200 copies preordered, so we've more than doubled our first goal! Amazing!

That brings us to our first unlocked goal: The Prime Wardens!

A team that was formed to aid a neophyte Virtuoso of the Void against Akash'Bhuta, the Prime Wardens were led by The Argent Adept in that conflict.

Prime Wardens Argent Adept


A stalwart companion and a fierce defender, Haka was quick to take up the mantle of Prime Warden. He saw the team as a chance to help protect even more people. Haka has seen more than his fair share of years and experienced more loss than most could comprehend, but among his powerful allies, he finds a sort of peace in fighting to save the world.

Prime Wardens Haka

After years of going from extreme to extreme, Fanatic finally found some moderation, and her allies in the Prime Wardens had no small part in helping the avenging angel center herself. Now, she stands more resolute than ever - not for vengeance or for zealotry, but for the defense of the innocent and the advancement of the greater good.

Prime Wardens Fanatic

The alien who is a stranger in a land which offers unfamiliarity and persecution, Tempest has gone from a creature on the run to a well-respected hero and savior for both the Maerynian people and the human race. As a member of the Prime Wardens, Tempest seeks to save all those who would stand for what is right, and fights those who would oppress and destroy.

Prime Wardens Tempest

A defender of his homeland and of the entire world, Captain Cosmic was a natural addition to the Prime Wardens. He both protects and arms his allies with his constructs, and his innate connection to the cosmos rounds out well this team of powerful heroes.

Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic

Whenever threats great in power and scale threatened the world, the Prime Wardens would form once again - a team of mighty heroes each weilding considerable power!



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Woah. Dude.

First off, love the costumes. Cosmic and Tempest, especially. Argent's is a little weird, but whatevs.


Second... Those powers. Haka's is fantastic. Cosmic's will be really fun to play with, and Tempest and Fanatic's are cool. Argent was already one of my favorite heroes, so this is going to be just AWESOME.

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Those powers are amazing. I love them

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These are some amazing Promo cards! Thanks for the continued awesome game quality and cant wait to play this new expansion ^_^.

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Maybe it's just me since I just finished playing through Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but does anyone else find that Captain Cosmic's Prime Wardens variant looks a lot like Adam Jensen?

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I never asked to save the universe! :)

Prime Wardens just submitted to BGG!

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There is a bit of a debate going on in regards to how Haka's power works.  Does Haka do the drawing and discarding then give damage reduction/healing/damage increase to another target or does that target do the full action for the Haka card?

Did we ever get any type of answer for this?

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