A call for artists!

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We here at Greater Than Games are building an artistic team to work on an upcoming - and currently unannounced - project! We are looking to contract with a freelance artist or artists on this project to create a large number of art pieces for use in a tabletop game. Creation is a collaborative effort for us here, and anyone we hire will be a part of that collaboration.

As a member of the art team for this project, you will:

  • Work remotely with all of us at Greater Than Games, especially our Art Director, Adam Rebottaro.

  • Create high quality, digitally delivered art assets.

  • Provide creative input on the artistic style of the game.

The basic skills and attributes we are looking for include:

  • The ability to create high quality art in a watercolor painted style.

  • The ability to deliver art digitally (regardless of the medium in which it is created).

  • Well developed communication skills.

  • The ability to work with and meet hard deadlines.

  • A portfolio; all applications must contain a link to a portfolio, or they will be discarded.

Here are the three examples we want as part of every application portfolio:

  • An elemental spirit of some sort - feel free to get creative!

  • Human character(s) in a Polynesian setting

  • A blighted landscape.

Please e-mail your application to
contact@greaterthangames.com. For fullest consideration, apply by June 20th, 2014.

Due to the confidential nature of the unannounced project, applicants selected for an interview will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Compensation will be commensurate with experience. Please note, in submitting your portfolio, y
ou acknowledge that Greater Than Games, LLC may be working on or pursuing the same or similar ideas, depictions, or other artwork at the time of your submission. Applicants that are selected and choose to be part of the art team will become independent contractors of Greater Than Games, LLC.  For more information about who we are and what we do, please visit our website at http://www.greaterthangames.com.


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Based on the games you have made so far, I wish I could part of it but alas I am not an artist.  If you have sign ups for playtesters again maybe I'll get in on that.   

Also wish I was an artist.

Also, was hoping this was an RPG set in the Sentinals universe.  But the Polynesian settign threw me.

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I greatly appreciate the details given, especially for what you are looking for in a portfolio. 

I sent this to my brother (John Dempsey) to apply, our Mother (68) loved SotM, the only non playing cards game I think we have ever got her to play.  She ended up being our major DPS so he'd work extra hard to not disappoint you or her ;)

So look out for his resume because he's a bonus clay model maker too.  You'd be set.


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Alas, I'm a writer not an artist, but this sounds like it will be completely awesome. Good Luck to the applicants laugh

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Super excited to send a submission in!