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PAX East was an awesome show for Galactic Strike Force. We had 3 demos running in our booth at any given time, and reception was very good. GSF actually outsold Enhanced Edition on Saturday, and I had multiple people come tell me that they actually liked GSF better than SotM. I definitely realize that won't be everyone's experience, but it is great to find people who love it!

Also, Foote came to PAX as a Sidekick and spent the entire show teaching GSF and training our volunteers to run demos. He would up inventing and perfecting an awesome ~30min demo that really does a great job of teaching the game to newcomers. Hopefully he'll post more details once he's had a chance to relax and resume normal operations!

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That's great news. Foote, I'm keen to read how your 30 min. demo works.

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If Foote doesn't sleep for a week solid after all that, I'll be shocked.

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I did the 30-min. demo twice, and I loved it.

It was against the Technovores, and he cut the shields on the enemy ships by 2, and that there were fewer enemy ships than there should have been, other than that I don't know any specific changes.

Unfortunately I have a limited group to play with, and they didn't like GSF, although I think they would have if we had played it earlier in the weekend, Sunday we were mostly just tired, cranky and ready to go home.

The demo doesn't get to show off the deckbuilding strategy, (since you go through your deck 1-2 times) but it certainly shows off GSF's ridiculous comboing, which was a lot of fun, both games involved most players doing something awesome.


It wasn't a Pax purchase for me, but it is on the list of games I need to get.  If I had a group to play it with regularly it would have been bought on the spot.

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arenson9 wrote:

That's great news. Foote, I'm keen to read how your 30 min. demo works.

I will be posting a full write-up on the PAX demo in a day or two!

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Looking forward to it - thanks, Foote! smiley

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