Punishment + Something For Everyone

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Punishment + Something For Everyone

Punishment(I): Whenever you Attack an enemy that has inflicted a penalty on you, treat that penalty as if it were a bonus for the purpose of that Attack.

Something For Everyone: Attack using [power]. Use your Mid die to Attack one extra target for each bonus you have. Apply a different bonus to each Attack.

Question: If I have no bonuses, but several targets have put penalties on me. Would Punishment enable me to Attack those targets using Something For Everyone?

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I think it would not.  While you reverse it's effect, it's still actually a penalty, not a bonus.  But I'm not totally sure, tbh.

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I'd say it wouldn't.   It's still counted as a penalty.  Punishment says to treat the penalty as a bonus and not that it changes a penalty to a bonus like a Turn the Tables would do. 

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