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Fan Character Creation Application

Hi everybody, first time poster. I have some software development chops and was thinking of creating an application that uses the character creation chapter for the RPG to build a character. Then it would convert the selected values and export it to a pdf to be printed. Is this something someone else has already done or is working on? I don't want to waste my time if someone else is working on this though so I thought I would ask if anyone has heard about another person doing this. This isn't a promise that I will have this done any time soon but before I started working on it, I wanted to ask the community. If there is enough interest and I actually every finish this I could post a link here to download it (after the official release of the book of course).

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I haven't heard anything about it, but I imagine that actual generation of the PDF would be harder than the background code itself. The background code would be mostly generating random numbers, adding them, and referencing lists of values before asking for more user input.

What language were you thinking of coding the program in?

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I was hoping to do it with java. I used it in college to create a random map genorator for DnD 5e maps and creating an AI for simple monsters like goblins and such to alleviate the GM's work. It was just a basic desktop app that didn't look fancy at all. While I am a developer in real life, this kind of work isn't really what I do so I don't have a lot of practice with it. 

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Underbite's tactical computer game is at least partly based on the RPG rules and i think Christopher and Adam have mentioned that they might ask them to create an official character builder program. Of course that would be at least a year away if you build one on your own 


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Per a reply in comments of their most recent update Underbite said the character creator will be released next month.   

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Sounds like the Sentinels of Freedom character creation rules will be more "inspired by" than "based on" the RPG rules.  They'll have similar terms but likely few if any mechanics in common.

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