Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year's, everyone!

Anyone have any plans for the last evening of 2018? I and a group of friends normally go over to a buddy's house, food and drink in tow, and spend the evening, possibly even sleeping over. Many a manner of game is played and fun is had.

Not sure what's happening this year though. The one who usually hosts has a new job, and his work scheduel makes hanging out with him difficult on most nights. And it's the kind of job that doesn't really care about holidays either, so there was never really much chance of him getting off either. We're currently looking for replacement places to hold this year's festivities.

EDIT: I just realized I put this in the wrong place. Could a mod do me a favor and put it into the propper spot?

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My plans fell through, but I may hit up a Brewery that is counting down the irish New Year (6 hours aheasd of ours here), and then tomorrow, games!

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Happy New Year!

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With a bit of delay - Happy new year !

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