Weekly One Shot #164 Moon Over Anubis

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Weekly One Shot #164 Moon Over Anubis

Mint, barely. I finished Baron Blade with 15 cards in his trash by targeting Nightmist with Throwing Knives and redirecting it.

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Well, I somehow minted. 

but MAN, it hurt.

I didn't get rid of the Backlash Field, and at the end, there were 2 on the field, and 14 cards in the trash.  Wraith and Tempest were both down by the end, but Tempest went down on his turn immediately before Nightmist took Blade out.

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Fine after way too many mistakes the first few times... Got him down to 1 on the previous one which was frustrating! Got him eventually though with all heroes standing.

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Two tries and two failures so far. Second try got him down to 2 with 15 cards in the trash. I wish I'd realized the Throwing Knives thing earlier, especially since Wraith can keep Nightmist in cards all game.

At least I learned that, if you get rid of the Backlash Field eventually, you can survive with even Tempest in the game and no Cleansing Downpour necessary. Though I did play a Vernal Sonata so I could Rebel Yell him without killing him. I think Argent Adept did more damage to Tempest than Blade did...

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Mint. Like always with ultimate Baron Blade, the name of the game is damage, damage, damage. Argent Adept with Vernal Sonata kept the good cards in hand and then hit Wraith or Tempest for extra damage all game. Wraith focused on Throat Jabs and Razor Ordnance with her Targeting Computer. Nightmist just redirected whatever she could. (with Backlash field out, that can work pretty good) Along with Vernal Sonata, she can stack her deck quite well. Tempest pulled out an early Electrical Storm then used Lightning Slash most of the game until a Localized Hurricane came out. Once Baron Blade flips, destroy the Electrical Storm and he'll have everything he needs for the rest of the game.

I thought I was finished when Baron Blade had 14 cards in his discard and then healed himself for 10 hit points. But everyone was set up enough by then that hitting Blade for 20 points in a round was doable. Everyone was conscious, but not by a lot.


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Mint at 5/6/5/5 with 12 cards in the discard.  Wraith and Nightmist are the big damage dealers here and the ones reducing damage too.  Wraith with her throat jabs, smoke bombs, and stun bolts and Nightmist with her redirects.  I also played Mistbound when blade was getting low enough that another round would kill him to prevent him from healing and ended on an inventory barrage.

Also Argent Adept yelled at Wraith and Wraith alone.

I'll put things in here later.

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Mint, but it was close. I went with having the Adept yell at Tempest mostly and Nightmist just a little, while Tempest pulled together a Vicious Cyclone and then pulled out enough things to both unleash damage and use healing on the team, and then had Nightmist do all the redirect while Wraith prevented damage. A well-placed Mistbound stopped Blade from playing cards for a turn, so he only had twelve cards in the trash at the end.

My big mistake was miscounting - I came within an inch of getting Tempest killed two turns before the end, and in those two turns he did 24 damage to Blade. The only reason that he survived was that enough damage was piled on the remote turrets for Nightmist to redirect damage back on them and kill them in the volley that would have killed Tempest otherwise. 

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Rough game for me, ended with only a Fine due to some misplays and bad card counting. I mostly yelled at Tempest to get his strong cards out. Reflecting hurricane into baron blade during throat punch turns worked out pretty well too.