Weekly One-Shot #91: "In the Midnight Hour"

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Reverend Pete
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Weekly One-Shot #91: "In the Midnight Hour"

Random start Gloomweaver in Insula Primalis with Visionary, Argent Adept, Super Scientific Tachyon and Wraith.


So we heard that last week's one shot wasn't a hint for unlocking Xtreme Prime Warden Argent Adept...but this week's is straight up designed to unleash a Billy Idol-esque Rebel Yell-- from the title to the description to the set up.


Straightforward mint for me with Gloomweaver doing nothing but playing Zombies and Pins.


When Wraith finished Gloomy off with a giant Inventory Barrage, she cried, "More! More! More!"

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Mint for me with everyone in double digits and Gloomy at 85. 

SST v Gloomy was the core of the fight that got me my "win without playing cards" victory, oh, so many moons ago.

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Yeah, this was a trivial Mint for me. It only lasted as long as it did because all of the Relics were toward the bottom of the deck...

...which I'm now realizing might have helped things go faster, given SST's ability. I kept using it on Wraith! Should have used it to throw more of Gloomy's cards away. D'oh.

Still. Mint.

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Easy mint. Everyone in their 20s.

I did it the old fashioned way and beat down GloomWeaver. With no ongoing and equipment destruction, Visionary hid behind a Telekinetic Cocoon and Wraith put down Smoke Bombs so the only possible source of damage was the environment, which was mitigated by Wraith's Megacomputers and Argent Adept's healing. After Tachyon burned through her deck hard and Argent Adept used Vernal Sonata to bring back Lightning Barrages, Gloomweaver went down easy.

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Man, that would have been a good idea. I rarely find myself using SST's ability on anyone but herself since it's sort of a crap shoot. Tachyon at least gets something out of the discarded cards. Though Arcane Cadence let me setup a few plays in this game since I knew what was at the bottom of the deck. Hmmm, and I probably could have used Infrared Eye to do the same thing with the villain deck, too.

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I definitely used IRE to bury the last Relic, though Cedistic Dissonance would have taken it out had it been played.

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Yeah. Trivial Mint here, too - I did almost as much damage to myself with Pushing the Limits as anything else did to me.

I juggled Gloomy for several rounds with Suggestion brought back by Vernal Sonata, constantly stacking Zombies back on top. Tachyon and Wraith brought the pain. 

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Beat the living tar out of GloomWeaver. I was able to get my favorite setup with wraith very quickly thanks to the game giving me an impromptu invention, targetinging computer, and the razor ordnance in my opening hand. Used Visionary to keep Tachyon with enough cards to play, and experimented on Tachyon's own deck every turn. AA was handing out a lot of card plays. 

I managed to drop 3 11 points Lightspeed barrages on gloomweaver on the same turn. That was fun.

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Mint, and I unlocked the AA variant while doing so!

McBehrer is the sole winner of this game... And McBehrer, I would step carefully should you find your way down dark alleys. More than one vote said simply, "McBehrer must die."

McBehrer confirmed to be Biomancer!
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Arcanist Lupus
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Mint, and unlocked XTREME AA as well.  The worst damage I took was from the turn 1 Strength of the Grave, but this team has Ongoing destruction up the wazoo.

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My SST actually got him to put out two relics..... Another time it pulled out two of those terribly annoying but devilishly handsome profane zealots. 

  I still got Mint but everyone was less than 10 HP  

I THOUGHT I was the the last Scion but it's actually .....

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Mint, everyone at around 20 HP, and unlocked XPWAA.  Finished off Gloomy with a Sucker Punch.

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In the Midnight Hour, she Cried more, more ,more.

With Rebel Yell she cried more, more more.

Love Bill Idol random screaming.

100% a one shot to get Xtreme! Prime Warden AA.  Got mint and XPWAA. Fanatic was at 8 hp because I wanted to Sacrament Martyr herself for the win. 

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