Announcing: Prime War!

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Greetings, Sentinels fans!

So, as you all know, we put a lot into Sentinel Tactics - creating mechanics, telling story, sculpting minis, running tournaments, live-streaming and more… Lots of stuff. We really wanted the game to pay off big, and we believed that it could. Unfortunately, it did not. Sentinel Tactics was not a failure, but it did not live up to expectations.

However, we are not ready to walk away from Sentinel Tactics. We still love the game and have a lot of hopes and plans for where it could go. Therefore, we’re taking a hard look at everything about the game so that we can revitalize it with our next release. Part of that has been reworking the basic rules of the game - our stalwart playtesters have been helping us work on that very thing for the last few months. But that’s not enough.

For Wave 2 of Sentinel Tactics to be a big hit, we need to make it as exciting as possible. So, for now, we’re postponing Battle for Broken City and For Profit in favor of a different set of characters and stories for Wave 2. For now. Our hope is that our plans for the New Wave 2 can be a huge hit and we can revisit Broken City and For Profit in the future. You all have done a ton of great work here, and we’re not looking to throw any of it away.

For the New Wave 2, we’ve gone back to the drawing board, and we’re really excited to share those plans with you here first. Wave 2 of Sentinel Tactics will be Prime War: A game of super-powered tactical combat!

The Prime War core game will include the six members of the Prime Wardens (The Argent Adept, Captain Cosmic, Fanatic, Haka, Tempest, and Sky-Scraper!) facing off against their villainous foes, including Apostate and Blood Countess! The accompanying expansion will be the Rise of the Ennead, as the new bearers of the relics of Egyptian power have been drawn together by said relics, and must learn how to work together… before it’s too late!

Our plans include a dual-focus. Part of our focus is on the tournament scene that we know can work well, based on the success of the Sentinel Tactics Tournament scene we ran last year. However, we are also putting new focus into scenario-based play, far different from the scenarios of Flame of Freedom and Uprising. Those plans are still in development, but rest assured that the scenario play will be strong and worthy of the Sentinel Comics brand.

For those of you who pre-ordered Battle for Broken City and For Profit, you have some options. If you are unsatisfied with how this process is going, feel free to contact us at and we can arrange for a refund. However, if Prime War and Rise of the Ennead sound like products you want, you can maintain your preorder and you will get those games FIRST, as well as some additional items. We understand and appreciate your patience and are working on some special rewards just for you - our true believers.

Once the development of Prime War and Rise of the Ennead is further along, we will be doing another pre-order campaign for those items. When it comes to shipping, the original Broken City and For Profit pre-orders will be shipped out first, then the Prime War and Rise of the Ennead pre-orders, then stores and distributors who pre-ordered. And then we'll be on to business as usual.

We are committed to making Prime War and Rise of the Ennead the best they can be, and we're eager to share more with you. The official GTG playtesters are already hard at work on the characters, and we will share more details when the time is right. Until then, thank you for your patience and understanding. The future is bright for all things Sentinel Comics!


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This is great news , I have to say thanks to Christopher and Adam do this gift

I mean really this so unexpected but this so cool 

I have to ask where does this game take place ? 

Will we get to see more teams , possibly new ones ?

it's good to see an old team with a new member and new approach 

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Will you be introducing an CO-OP option to the scenarios?  It's the biggest reason this game isn't played much by me and friends.  1vs. Many just isn't well-liked by our gaming group.  

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I'll stick with this, I'd buy it anyways so no reason to get a refund then turn around spending money.


However, as much as I've grown to love Fanatic, and as cool as Sky-Scraper and Argent Adept look... Darkwatch is the team I most excited about. Seeing Expat come to life in a 3D battle field where her markswoman skills could shine, Seeing what new wonders awaited us with Pinion, Akash' Darsha, and the Siblings. Seeing Chrono-Ranger as a broken cyborg.


I'll embrace Prime Wars, but with bittersweet arms. Then years down the line, I probably won't even remember the disappointment and will instead be swept up in the awesome tournaments and finally see some scenarios hit the table.

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I guess everyone has that team that they like but this is just as good if you ask me . This also mean s more story stuff about the tactics story lie , who doesn't love that

If we decide to let our preorder be switched, how much longer before this replacement comes out? I placed my preorder in February  14, so if i decide to stay for thjs, how much longer? I don't  expect a hard date but give us an idea please so i xan make an informed decision.

I know it's still very early, but will this be backwards compatible with Flame of Freedom and Uprising?

I guess I don't entirely understand what was said here. I preordered both of the games. If we keep the preorder are we receiving prime war in place or broken city and for profit? What will the future kickstarter be for (which game I mean)? Do we get more details about the game before deciding to maintain preorders? I mean, a replacement expansion would have to be pretty substantial to be the equivalent of two expansions plus all the miniatures people ordered.

This is really exciting, this was on pre-order so long ago, kind of forgot about it:P I am guessing it will still be a long wait now? I love the sentinels universe and am excited to get any sentinels games from you guys.

I agree with tthorn23, I would play this game a lot more if there was a coop play in it. And the coop play was good, not just felt like it was tacked on. Right now we mostly just play the sentinels card game.

I am sick at heart at the prospect of this project being pushed...*


Ahem. That is, being pushed back furth...*


...pushed back further in prod...*




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As disappointed as I am that I'm going to have to wait to see Setback hit the battlefield, I'm perfectly happy seeing Argent Adept and Tempest instead. Bring it on, gents!

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Thank you for being up front and honest about this. 

I was really looking forward to the previous content. While I do love all of these characters, this unfortunately is less interesting and less colorful to me.


Thanks for the update Christopher. Is there anything we need to do on our end if we r going to ride it out? Can you give us a timetable of what your goal time period to let us know more? Also what stage in development is this and do the play testers have the game in hand yet? there was mention at gen con of an upgrade pace for wave 1, how will this work? Also would love to see more coop options instead of one vs everyone else since that is what made multiverse shine. Mice and Mystics and super dungeon explore forgotten king have great examples on how the coop system can work

YEAH! So exciting to hear news for Tactics.

I pre-order both Battle for Broken City and For Profit, and I would like to get Prime War and Rise of the Ennead. What do I need to do to ensure that I am in the loop on this. Are we getting the newly annoucned games in place of our past pre-orders and will we need to re-pre-order the battle for Broken City/For Profit once they become avaliable?

As a matter of fact, I've been trying to request a refund for this expansion since a month before this news was released, but nobody is responding to my emails through any of the official ones I've found, so perhaps this will do. I recently fell under hard financial times and had to sell all of my Sentinel Tactics games along with many others in my collection, so I want to take you up on your offer to cancel the preorder I placed almost 18 months ago. My order number is #29475, if that helps.

Please get back to me regarding this and let me cancel my preorder. I could seriously use the cash right now!
Thank you for your consideration.



I pre-ordered Battle for Broken City and For Profit. Will there be any additional costs to us if we wait for Prime War and Rise of the Ennead? Will both PW and RotE be included, or will we have to purchase the expansion separately?

I just found this update a month after it went up simply because I asked myself "Gee, wonder if anything is going on with that game?" .  As I had pre-ordered both Broken City and For Profit when it first went up in January 2015 it really would have been nice to recieve an e-mail letting people know what was happening and their options.  I guess this way less people might ask for the refund though, please cancel my pre-order #27772 for both products (an e-mail was also sent to the address given in the blog post).

Are the long awaited scenarios for the 4 special Tactics maps part of this?