______: The ______ Game Winners!

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Hello, Greater Than Gamers!

After much deliberation (and a bunch of playtesting) we are very excited to announce the winners of the _________: The _________ Game Contest!
There were so many great entries, over so many themes - in fact, we couldn’t just decide on one winner, so BOTH of the following games are going to be published by Greater Than Games over the April 1st Kickstarter!
Trick-Taking: The Trick-Taking Game, by Bob West and Tovarich Pizann.
A quick game of intrigue for 2-4 magicians.
The world’s greatest magicians have been assembled to establish who is the best illusionist of all time! But, as with all great magic, there is much slight-of-hand afoot, and the magicians will use cunning and great mentalist powers to steal each others’ tricks!
This game combines a fresh take on trick-taking games with a hilarious theme - it’s just as much fun with two as it is with four, and you’ll have a magic time playing cards like “Saw: The First Time Ever I Sawed Your Face”, "Conjure: Something Rabid From My Hat”, and “Vanish: Dude, Where's My Carp?!”.
Time Management: The Time Management Game, by Nathaniel Levan
A 30-minute meeting for 2 managers.
Players are workers at the Office of Time Management, managing the space-time continuum. Their goal is to add temporal workers to the work force and arrange them in such a way to ensure the safety of the continuum and to save time - and save time!
From the creator of New Bedford and Nantucket, this constantly-shifting, tile-laying game will present you with puzzles to solve. Time to start thinking fourth-dimensionally! Like Deck-Building: The Deck-Building Game, this game is its own expansion - buy a second copy, and it becomes a 2-4 player game!
Both of those games combined elegant design, a fun theme, and - most importantly - a perfect integration of the pun! Trick-Taking: The Trick-Taking Game features magicians stealing tricks (while being a trick-taking game) and Time Management manages to work on three levels - as well as being a time management game, it’s about managers working in the Office of Time, in which you manage time! Whew!
Congratulations to the above designers for their awesome efforts.
However! The contest got a whopping 158 entries, and so there were some more gems that we wanted to highlight:
Drafting: The Drafting Game by Megan Knouff   
A game for 3-5 architects where you design buildings by drafting cards! There were a lot of different takes on Drafting: The Drafting Game, but Megan's game had some really clever elements which fit the theme perfectly.
Engine Building: The Engine Building Game by Daniel Newman   
Each card you play gives you more powers; at the end of the game, the player with the strongest engine wins! This game featured some great mechanics (no pun intended) and we actually managed to learn more about how an engine runs from playing it.
Hidden Roll: The Hidden Role Game by Scott Waring   
A quick-paced social deduction game in which you have to work out which player at the table stole the bread roll! The most deceptive bread-based game ever made, if you don't get the suspicion off you quickly - you're toast!
Matchmaking: The Matchmaking Game by Michael McIntyre
Michael really went above and beyond in this game - he researched the way that matches were made in Victorian England, found reference art, and made a fun little thinker where you match cards…to make matches.
And lastly, but certainly not least:
Set Collecting: The Set Collecting Game by Carl Klutzke   
A game where you play an ancient Egyptian priest, collecting sets of cards in order to collect the vital organs of the god Set. That’s right - it’s Set Collection: The Set Collection game.
Thanks so much to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for more about our exciting winning entries, as well as Traitor Mechanic: The Traitor Mechanic Game! The kickstarter launches on April 1st! See you then!


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Will the rest of us at least get responses with criticism as to what was wrong with our entries?

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Sorry, but with 158 entries, there's no way that we could give individual feedback (without spending a few months on it). But! There are constantly new game contests popping up across the web, and you'll find that many of them offer individual feedback.

Thanks for entering though! Also it's not necessarily that there was something "wrong" with the entry, just that it wasn't exactly what we were looking for.

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These all sound hilariously pun-tastic.  Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to other participants.  Looking forward to learning more about the winning entries as development progresses!  :)