5th Anniversary Multiverse Month and More Sales! The TC Petty III Experience!

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Hey, everyone! How's everyone Multiverse Month going?

Tomorrow, January 19th, really kicks us off right! As you may remember from a previous post, we've really got a lot of exciting stuff planned for you. The first thing that everyone will love is all on our web store!

First up, bundles. Who doesn't like bundles? Galactic Strike Force comes bundled with Guardians of Volneth and the minis, all for just $29.95! There's also a bundle of any three Rabbit-sized games of your choosing, for just $10! But it's not all bundles. There are also some really great deals on other things. Like Compounded for only $29.95, plus a copy of Chemical Chaos thrown in for free! Or maybe you want to make your copy of Sentinel Tactics even better with some miniatures. Well, they're 50% off!

We're also super excited to make Spirit Island available for preorder, as well! Did you miss the Kickstarter? Well, worry no more! You can still get in on the fun!

And last, but definitely not least, The TC Petty III Experience Kickstarter launches at 10 AM! Be sure to check out two new games in one project, both by the award-winning designer TC Petty III. Don't Get Eated and Club Zen are really fantastic games, and we're proud to be able to make them available to you.

Thanks so much!


Hey, had a couple questions on the preorder for spirit island

1) roughly how long do I have to preorder to still get the promos? Trying to pay catch up on some bills and didn't see a time period.

2) when will I be able to preorder the expansion. Didn't see that on the store

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Good questions! I was wondering about the second one too (assuming that the expansion is not included in that preorder price).

For the first one, Craig said in the previous post that the sale runs until Tuesday, February 16. (It wasn't explicitly said, but I assume that this preorder comes with the two promo spirits, Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island and Heart of Wildfire.)

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Good questions! I don't have a specific date for the preorder to end just yet. It will be at least for a couple months, however.

As far as the expansion goes, that's a really great question that I don't have an answer to just yet. Paul is the one who knows the answer to that, and he's not here yet this morning.

I'd love to pick up pie factory, playing it at PAX was fun.

Will it be re-printed??

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Any update on the expansion? I want to advertise the pre-order, but have been holding off until I know exactly what's available.

same here. the expansion isnt a break for me though since wife wants me to stop buying expansions to games until after we play them a few times but still something I want to know about.

I'll add my comment to this thread...any word on the Spirit Island expansion?