Sentinel Tactics: Dark Watch

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The hero team known as Dark Watch has gone through a lot. They were originally formed by Expatriette, Setback, and NightMist who were seeking to uncover the truth behind the events of the death of their friend, Mister Fixer. So, it was a bit of a rough start that the first major threat to Dark Watch was a mystically revived Mister Fixer! They managed to survive and even helped him reconnect his mind and body, so Mister Fixer became the fourth member of Dark Watch, fighting alongside those who risked everything to save him. Since then, they've faced numerous villains, from criminal organizations, to the possessed corpse of a serial killer, to a demon-god from an alternate dimension! In that time, gaining a member who was an old foe added considerable power to the team, but not without strife. Lillian Corvus had turned over a new leaf and was fighting against the forces of evil, but her mercurial and petulant nature made her a dangerous ally.

The last decade has been especially rough for the team. The loss of an ally and close friend shook the team, driving them their separate ways. However, they have reunited for a common cause: the Battle for Broken City. 


Setback has always been the heart of the team. Passionate, upbeat, and eager to help, Peter Riske's bad luck is balanced by his indomitable spirit. His favorite place to be is between his friends and danger, working to prevent any harm from befalling those he cares for. Knowing that what he does makes a difference, even given his propensity for disaster, is the best heroic motivation that he could imagine.


Though she used to be a loose cannon, Expatriette's experience and cool under fire makes her the brain of the team, especially when it comes to strategy and battle plans. Amanda Cohen brings her skill as a marksman and an impressive arsenal to bear against the foes of Dark Watch, but her extensive contingency plans and insistence on team combat training is a large part of why the team has survived as long as they have.

Mister Fixer

It is not fair to say that Mister Fixer is wise beyond his years, as his strength and vigor belie his (briefly interrupted) century of life. Gone is the undying rage which filled his existence upon his reanimation. No longer a martial arts instructor nor an auto mechanic, "Slim" Walker has become much more serene about his continued existence. Now, he hopes to protect as many people as possible with what time he has left.


Pinion has proved her value to the team, though the extent of her powers is still unknown. Her magical abilities have steadily increased; from learning of the nature of the mask she wears to studying alongside Faye Diamond, her powers have morphed from the tenuous ability to incense and direct the ire of flighted fowl to the ensnaring of any mortal and the runic control of eldritch forces. Still atoning for past sins, Lillian Corvus seeks to live up to the influence of her allies.

Dark Watch

Together, Dark Watch has fought and bested villainous threats from all over the world and beyond. Even still, the Battle for Broken City may be more than they can manage. The threats arrayed against them could be the end of Dark Watch, unless they are able to work together like never before, and perhaps even get a little help...


Dark Watch is the primary hero team of Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City.


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I am excited by this. I thought we'd get a Prime Wardens big box before a Dark Watch one. 

Expatriette is one of my favorite characters thematically and mechanically. I want to duel wield pistols in Tactics!

So Lillian joined while Faye was still a part of the team. Does this mean there is likely a Pinion hero deck coming? Now we just need a Wrack deck and we can form a steering committee ;) I can't wait to find out the nature of Lilian's mask. 

Fixer actually died and was revived "mystically". Is this Zhu Long's work? Was the death mentioned here when he was stabbed through the heart by Heartbreaker? 

Finally, the big question. Who are they getting help from? A mysterious mist perhaps?

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Like every update there is missing information filled in but more questions generated.  Like I wonder if we see Mr Fixer as a SotM villain, does this confirm Pionion will be a hero deck in SotM, what exactly happened to Nightmist, and most importantly are Setback and Expat still an item?

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Well, it definitely explains why Zhu Long apparently reanimated him, for one. I didn't realize there was an extra step in there between him coming back and him coming back GOOD.

Yes I really want to know what happens to Nightmist, she is one of my favorite characters


The loss of an ally and close friend shook the team

Sounds like our favorite character might be dead.


Are there any plans to collect all of these story bits together in one place?

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Even if they aren't officially released, you can still find most of them here.